Our Creed

Here at Four brothers Media we believe in keeping our promises. That means when we say we’ll do x, y and z… That’s what we do. So what is our promise… Our Creed?
We are strong advocates for something called “permission marketing”. This is the privilege of delivering anticipated, personal, and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them. We believe that treating people with respect and real personal attention is the best way to earn their attention. Attention is something we value highly; see when someone pays you attention they are paying something precious to them and thus it should not be wasted. Just because we have your email address doesn’t mean we have permission to “steal” your attention. We believe that permission marketing is the most creative form of marketing.

  • We will use permission marketing techniques in order to earn your attention and permission to offer you valuable information.
  • We do our best to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers. Friendship comes first.
  • We don’t just “interrupt” as many strangers as possible to steal their attention and see if they’ll be friends. We Ask strangers who have shown interest in or are most likely to be interested in what we are offering.
  • We take steps over a series of messages to walk through the process of friendship to customer.
  • We only use creative permission marketing solutions created specifically for each customer.
  • When we say we’re going to deliver something as part of a permission marketing campaign that’s what we’ll do and nothing more… We’re not going to assume that we can sell people on more or demand more attention than was paid and agreed upon.
  • We will implement and bring these same permission marketing strategies to your marketing campaign.

Permission marketing strategies are our favorite items in “FBM’s climbing equipment list” we give you at the beginning of our trek to the top of your “marketing mountain”.